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Being responsible for a website in the 21st century isn’t about just being a “webmaster” with a little HTML skills and a purpose. It takes more than one person to develop a successful web presence, and trying to manage everything on your own can make your head spin! With the advent of Google and other major search engines, an entire industry has developed around “page ranking”, or making sure your website is in the optimal location for maximum visibility within search results.

SEO agencies focus on using the latest techniques to get their clients to the top of the heap in search results. It’s a complex system involving keywords, hidden text, back-link management, and other technical tricks that take years of experience to fully understand and master. What makes it even more difficult for a beginner is that the algorithms are always changing, and mistakes can be costly, resulting in delisting and penalties. SEO Resource has an experienced team dedicated to developing a custom SEO program for your website, at a price that fits your budget.

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Professional SEO services include

  • Query Maximization

    Our experts understand the indexing methods used by Google and Yahoo!, and will make sure your website appears for all relevant searches.

  • Keyword Analysis

    Choosing the right words matter. We know how to pick the right keywords to bring attention to your site, without overdoing it and getting penalized.

  • Saving you money

    SEO gives you more bang for your buck compared to traditional forms of advertising, and our affordable pricing system ensures you will be comfortable with whatever package you choose.

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Client Testimonials

They know SEO

" I’ve been a web developer for over 10 years, but SEO was never something I had the time to dive into. SEO Resource helped bring attention to all the websites I worked so hard on, and my clients are very pleased to be receiving so much more traffic. Their friendliness and knowledge gave me confidence that they could deliver, and they did! "

James Olan., Web Dev

Helped my company

" I am a silversmith and jewelry artist with no tech skills whatsoever. My nephew made my website, and SEO Resource did some kind of magic because I have more orders than I ever expected! "

Monica W., Jewler

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